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Company Purpose

Acting as a financial agent for the borrower, our company is hired by business managers/owners of operating and "start-up" companies to raise funds.

EMPIRE FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, INC. operates on a nationwide and international basis through it's network of affiliated offices.

Commercial Financing

Banks, Guarantors, Commercial finance companies, asset based lenders, floor planners, factors, venture capitalists, and so on.

Government Secured Financing

SBA Loans, S.B.I.C. Financing, other government programs.


In consideration of services rendered, client agrees to pay broker a good faith consultant fee of $199 due with contract. In addition, when a loan request is funded, our points charged will never exceed six points and are in most cases less. The good faith consultant fee is always subtracted from the loan fee, thereby reducing your total cost of the loan. However, the good faith Consultant's fee is not refundable, and is advanced on a best efforts basis.

Business financing if you are:

Buying an existing business.
Starting a new business.
Planning to move your company.
Planning a major expansion.
Having problems with your bank.
Having cash problems, etc., etc.

If you would like to:

Finance a business purchase.
Finance business expansion.
Venture capital.
A livable long term loan.
Government secured financing.
Equity financing.
Financing of receivables.
Loan guarantees.
Assistance in negotiations.
Letter of credit.
Equipment leasing.
Franchising acquisition loans.
Currency and precious metal exchanges.
Medical receivables.

Benefits to our Clients

Avoid all the scams!

We are a highly reputable firm with innovative solutions to your financing dilemma. We have been featured in numerous publications nationwide and will gladly provide credible, satisfied references. Contact us for a free consultation.

Time Saved:

We save the client an enormous amount of time and effort by using an experienced, professional approach.

Money Saved:

With our large number of financial sources, our goal is to save our clients the maximum amount of money with the best terms available.We conduct preliminary credit evaluations and preliminary underwriting. When the deal is packaged and assembled it is submitted to our potential lenders and they will respond promptly.

Upon receiving the basic information necessary, we will begin processing your deal.
EMPIRE Financial Consultants, Inc. is employed by and works for the borrower.

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