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If you would like a Proven Method to:

Increase Sales and Profits.
Fuel Rapid Expansion and Growth.

Consider Franchising!

Advantages of Franchising!

FRANCHISING offers several substantial advantages:

Allows for rapid expansion.
Minimal financial risk.
Eliminate recruiting problems.
Group purchasing economies.
Shared advertising and promotion.
Royalties for residual income.
Minimal management and capital

In addition, the greater corporate income generated can provide for:

Additional R & D.
New products and services.
Additional company-owned units.
Renewable capital resource.
Greater financial stability.

EMPIRE Business, Inc., a leader in the field of Business Brokerage since 1981, offers a revolutionary program.

Our Franchise Development Program is totally comprehensive:

We handle the initial development

UFOC Documents
Franchise agreements
Promotional materials

Through the final phases

Business Plan Development.
Local Advertising.
Master Franchise Sales.
Individual Unit Sales.

EMPIRE Business Brokers has a vast network of offices that can market your franchise throughout the United States. In addition, we have the capability of marketing and selling your Franchise in thirteen international locations including: Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and the Far East.

EMPIRE Business Brokers has the ability to bring buyers to the table whom Franchisers cannot reach on their own through even the most extensive National advertising campaigns.

Our comprehensive 6 step Franchise Development Program includes the Following:

Research and Planning Development
Development of External Structure
Test Marketing
Marketing and Sales Development
Intra-Structure Development
System Implementation

If you require professional assistance to develop your franchise
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